Photographer Shane Drummond ( shows us how to do light painting  on a beautiful night at the South St. Seaport using contemporary dancers.

What you will need:

  1. Camera
  2. Tripod (or a place to keep camera still)
  3. Source of Light (for this video we used glow bracelets, and when they prove to be too dim we improvised and used cell phones)
  4. Yourself or friends

Set the camera to:

  1. low shutter speed
  2. low ISO
  3. high aperture/F-stop

What we found out:

  1. The brighter the light, the easier to paint with. The bracelets produced a faint and colorful glow, which could be a cool effect, but in order to really do the painting we needed a strong source, like the iPhone flashlight.
  2. Be creative! test out all different things you can produce with light, tracing people, using different light sources, different movements and combinations. Have Fun!

Special thanks to dancers: Jonathan Priester, Tessa Peterson and Jen Moore for being such a good time. They’re all truly talented and we hope to see their skills on another shoot.


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