best camera bag

Listen up, photographers. It’s summer, and it’s time to take your camera out on lots of great adventures. Beach? Yes. Lake house? Absolutely. Underground sewer colony?  Whatever floats your boat.  To protect your gear, you’ll need a bag. And not just any bag, but the right bag. Here’s a rundown of some of your options.


Camera pouches come in lots of different shapes. Some fit snugly to the shape of the camera, while others are quite boxy. Some bags have a strap or pockets, but baseline pouches are typically just a small bag with a bit of padding to protect your DSLR or point and shoot. If you’re lucky, you might also fit one or two lenses. However, if all you want is a quick and safe way to transport your camera, then camera pouches work nicely.

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are perhaps the most fashionable camera bag, but be careful lugging a lot of equipment around with one! Shoulder straps can really mess with your back, so we only recommend them with a couple of light accessories. These bags blend in better than backpacks or pouches, so they’re especially suited for street photographers and casual photographers who want to work incognito. Some folks also use them to tote around laptops, chargers, water bottles, etc.dslr camera bag


Backpacks are the big guns of camera bags. If you’re carrying around a backpack, then there’s no hiding your intentions. Tripods, filters, multiple lenses, more than one camera body – you’ve probably got half your studio on your back. Backpacks usually come with additional goodies like a trolley connector (for travel), rain protectors, flexi dividers, and extra padding. If you’re carrying a lot of gear, or even a little gear for a long distance, then a backpack is the way to go. Your shoulders will thank camera bag

There are as many kinds of camera bags as the day is long, so don’t get discouraged if none of these types are to your liking! The best camera bag is often in the eye of the beholder.


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