Hey there, focus fam. In this post, we go over the five vacation photography accessories every traveler needs. Let’s get into it!

1. Inconspicuous Camera Bag

We don’t recommend that you walk around a strange city with a camera bag that screams I have thousands of dollars of equipment with me! That’s why we use the Vanguard Havana 41BL Camera Backpack for all of our adventures.

This bag offers removable inserts and padded compartments that fit a wide range of gear including a DSLR (with lens attached), a 13-inch laptop, flash, 1-2 additional lenses, and a few more essentials. For example, one of our favorite details is the inclusion of a Vanguard rain cover.

2. Lightweight Travel Tripod

You never know when you’re going to need a tripod, whether you’re taking a shot in low light or setting a timer for a group photo. However, you don’t necessarily want to haul around a heavy tripod all day. 

Enter MeFoto.

The only clunky thing about the MeFoto A1350Q1K Travel Tripod its name. This little travel companion features 360-degree panning, independently locking legs, and a graduated panning scale for even panoramas. Plus, it converts to a monopod for vloggers on-the-go.

Finally, and most importantly, its size. This MeFoto tripod is only 15.4” when folded but extends to an impressive 61.6″. Similarly, it only weighs 3.6 lbs.

3. Backup Camera

Granted, this isn’t exactly an accessory. However, it’s still something that we never leave the country (or state) without: a backup camera. 

The Fujifilm SQ20 is one of our favorite instant cameras on the market. This film/digital hybrid takes square film and easily fits into most purses and backpacks. Plus, if you don’t know which photos you want to print just yet, the digital files stay on your camera and can be printed whenever you like.

4. Vlogging Grip

Attention vloggers: you will want a grip for your fancy travel adventure. You could run around waving your camera around without one but a. it’s not very effective and b. you’d look foolish (sorry).

Our favorite grip by far is the Sony VCT-SGR1. It’s tiny, holds up to 17.6 pounds and converts into a tripod if need be. This little guy is ideal if you’re shooting in crowded areas and don’t have the elbow room for the whole tripod.

5. Portable Hard Drive

There is truly nothing worse than capturing a ton of amazing content then losing it to a corrupted SD. Avoid this fate and invest in a portable hard drive to protect your work as you travel.

Our final recommendation for your vacation photography accessories is the LaCie DJI Copilot BOSS hard drive. We pack this model for a few reasons. First of all, it’s a stand-alone item which means you don’t need your computer to secure your data. Second, its two TB capacity is more than enough space for the average photographer to fill over the course of a few weeks. You can find a longer review of the Copilot here.


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