Grab a lens pen, lens cloth, air blower and cleaning solution. This simple camera cleaning kit will help you get rid of annoying dust specs. You know, the ones that dot images like fuzzy eye floaters? Start by using the brush of your pen to remove any large debris – sand, dirt, etc. – so that you don’t accidentally scratch anything with the cloth later. Give it a thorough lens cleaning, and then go over the viewfinder, LCD screen and other crevices too.

  • Next, spray your cloth with a bit of camera lens cleaner. Make small circles in the center of the lens and work outwards until you hit the edges. When you’re done, flip the camera around and run the cloth over the LCD screen to get rid of any smudges. The viewfinder is a bit trickier to reach with a cloth, so use the soft tip on the other side of your lens pen instead.
  • Then, take off the lens and dust the back like you did the front, removing any large particles. Repeat the original technique of circling outward with the lens cloth (but re-spray if the solution has dried).
  • With the lens unattached, turn your camera upside down and use your lens blower to force air into the mirror cavity. This should shake out any dust.
  • To clean the sensor, go into your camera settings and select the manual cleaning mode to move the mirror out of the way. Give the sensor a few good bursts of air with the camera – again, holding it upside down is the key. Then, turn the camera off, and the mirror drops back down. That’s it!


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