There are four lighting accessories that almost every major influencer uses to highlight their perfectly contoured features. Despite what they’d like us to believe, our favorite YouTubers and Instafamous friends are not born with the supernatural ability to find their perfect light. They create it. In this post, we talk about how to create the best lighting for YouTube videos and Instagram posts.

Don’t be nervous or intimidated if you’re new to the world of photography and vlogging! These items—and your beginner DSLR of choice—are straightforward and easy to use.

LED Ring Light

Ring Light Lighting For YouTube Videos

When you watch beauty vlogs and Insta-stalk your favorite fashion influencers, you’ll notice they have a bright ring of light reflected in their eyes. These people don’t have night vision—they’re using an LED ring light.

This is easily the most common lighting accessory used by the Internet elite. A ring light sits directly behind your camera and evenly illuminates your entire face from the camera’s point of view. It helps eliminate unflattering shadows and gives your skin a glowing, angelic look. Most professional content creators use them but they’re especially beneficial for close-up shots, fashion photography, and makeup demos.

Softboxes + Diffusion Fabric

Photographers love natural light but nature is both unforgiving and unpredictable. It does not care that you want a consistent lighting scheme and it will send inclement weather to mess with your perfect shot. Nature is very rude. Lighting for YouTube videos and Instagram content needs to be consistent.

This is where softboxes and diffusion fabric come in handy. A softbox covered with diffusion fabric simulates the look of light coming through a window. It’s standard to have two: one on your right and left positioned on either side of a ring light. For bonus highlights, you can place one above you to give your hair extra shine.

White Umbrellas

White Umbrella Lighting For YouTube Videos and Instagram Posts

One lighting scheme doesn’t work for every photographer. The products you choose are dependent on the space and the specific look you’re going for. So, if you’re not thrilled with what you’ve read about softboxes, white umbrellas are a great alternative. When you face an umbrella backward it produces a broader light than a softbox. The effect it creates resembles something closer to a ring light; the light is more evenly distributed. That said, you’re still going to need two of them (and probably a ring light) to effectively illuminate your space.


If you have a favorite accessory that creates great lighting for YouTube videos and Instagram posts please leave it in the comments!


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