Small cameras with large sensors seems to be the trend! Sony, unwavering with innovation, offers the RX1 with a full frame sensor and the RX100 with a 1″ sensor. We took both of them out for a day in Central Park to see if they could live up to all of the buzz about them.

First, the full frame RX1

Then the 1″ Rx100

Overall we had a great time, but felt strongly that high quality compact cameras would not be replacing or overshadowing DSLR cameras any time soon. Nathaniel gave his opinion as a professional that he would use the RX1 as a backup camera at a shoot, but would still need his Nikon D800 with interchangeable lenses and more control in order to achieve the quality he desires. The RX1 is a great option for someone like a journalist, who needs high quality photos but cannot carry around a full camera kit. The RX100 is as more of a consumer or prosumer level camera, and would enable an amateur to take their picture quality to the next level without having to master a DSLR. If budgets would allow, we would recommend these cameras for everyone because they are so easy and fun to use while also capturing stunning images. We are excited to see what Sony comes up with next!


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