In this video, we talk about the best Sony wireless headphones on the market right now. Whether you’re an audiophile searching for new premium headphones or just looking to take a step up from earbuds, Sony does a great job tiering their products for every interest level.

First, let’s take a look at the XB950B1 extra bass wireless headphones. These are great for someone who wants reliable headphones with minimal frills. They provide 18 hours of battery life and have a built-in mic for wireless calls. These aren’t noise cancelling, but they do have an extra bass switch and customizable sound through the Sony Connect app if you’re trying to drown out the people around you. It sells for $178 in black, blue and red. It also comes with a soft carrying case, headphone cable and USB cable. The great thing about Sony is that you don’t sacrifice good sound quality when you invest in a less expensive model.

The big difference is features, which brings us to the Sony h.ear on 2 Wireless NC Hi-Res Audio Headphones. These cost $298 and have major feature additions. They last for up to 28 hours, have built-in music and call controls, and digital noise cancellation. You can even hover your hand over their sensor to active Quick attention which lowers your music when you want to have a conversation. On the spec side, their digital sound enhancing engine DSEE HX restores high-range audio lost during compression. They feature LDAC technology which can transmit more data via bluetooth than most other headphones. These come in the same colors–black, blue and red–and are paired with the same case, headphone cable and USB cable.

Finally, these are the WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones. These are $348.00 with roughly the same features as the Sony h.ear Headphones with a few important differences. First, they have 1.57” drivers with Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragms; in short, top-of-the-line bass and frequency reproduction up to 40 kHz. Sony’s proprietary LDAC tech supports a transfer rate of 990 kbps. That’s 3x more data than Bluetooth can normally transmit; before now that’s only been possible with a wired connection. It also features 30 hours of battery life, specialized pressure-relieving earpads and lightweight design. But arguably the most impressive factor is noise cancellation. The headphones have an HD Noise Canceling Processor that provide a truly customized listening experience. Their tech factors in everything from head size and glasses to atmospheric pressure.


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