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Did you know over 115 million Americans listened to podcasts monthly last year? That is an astounding 60% increase over the previous three years. It’s no coincidence everyone and their mother wants to learn how to start podcasting. Who could blame them? Podcasts are a great way to give voices a platform, share ideas, and build community support. Because the surge of people eager to start podcasting is so high, there have been a bunch of commonly asked questions popping up concerning how to set up podcasts properly:

  • What gear do you need for a podcast setup?
  • How expensive is podcasting equipment (are there bundles)? 
  • What software for audio recording should you use?
  • Is there free software available? 
  • How do you attain good sound quality?

Do you want to start a podcast? What’s stopping you? What does (or will) your podcast setup look like? If any of those questions resonate with you, you’ve come to the right place – because starting your broadcast might be more feasible than you once believed.

Focusrite has simplified and optimized podcasting for all types of content creators by releasing the Vocaster One. It is one of the most basic yet crucial audio interface tools to help you become a successful podcaster. It comes in handy for all stages of content creation, from preproduction live/recording to post-production software for audio recording. If you want to know how to stream like a pro, the Vocaster One is an excellent place to start.

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Look at podcast set up

Dedicated to a Smooth and Seamless Podcasts Experience

Unless you’re a sound engineer or have worked with audio, you’ll probably have minimal in-depth knowledge of audio recording practices. Of course, having experience helps, but with the Vocaster One, you don’t need to be an expert to create a good podcast. It’s made so anyone (especially beginners) can pick up and enjoy content creation without agonizing over technical issues. Here at Focus, we’ve tried and tested the Vocaster One, and to no surprise, it is among the most well-rounded podcast interface tools out right now.  

The Vocaster One is a ground-breaking hand-held device close to the size of a standard mirrorless camera. It has high-tech home studio recording equipment capabilities without taking up too much space. The Vocaster makes creating and setting up podcasts for anyone effortless and inexpensive, with many features to propel you to the next level. Here is a list of the flexible features that come with the Vocaster One:

  • Easy Start tool and 24/7/365 support.
  • Enhanced audio features. 
  • Free software audio recorder (Hindenburg Lite) plus additional free trial software.
  • Pro-studio mixing hub
  • TRS/TRRS for phone (interview callers) and camera compatibility (for visual podcast/vlogs)
  • Over 70dB of gain

Focusrite is also releasing a Vocaster Two. The only difference being it has two XLR inputs for duo mics and Bluetooth smartphone connectivity.

This tiny device makes starting and operating your podcast much less demanding, giving you time to focus on other aspects of your broadcast, like ideas, topics, guests, and structure. The Vocaster One is made for anyone who wants professional broadcast quality without paying a (boom) arm and a leg for podcasting equipment. Discover why you can quickly and easily start podcasting today with the Vocaster One. 

how to start podcasting using the Vocaster One
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Easy Podcast Setup & Interface  

Small Size & Convenience 

The Vocaster is compact, portable, and versatile. It’s small enough to pack with you anywhere and compatible with Windows, Mac, and IOS operating systems. Great for traveling content creators, so you never have to stop broadcasting wherever you go. It weighs less than a pound, and its dimensions are 1.99″ x 8.84″ x 4.45″, making it a convenient computer-powered travel companion. 

Accessible to Use Audio Recorder    

So, you’re new to broadcasting, and you need help understanding how to start recording correctly? Luckily for you, the Vocaster One’s Easy Start tool makes getting your podcast set up and ready to go as brainless as possible. From audio recording software to voice manipulation, you will receive all the necessary information to get started in no time. Speaking of time, Focusrite provides 24/7/365 round-the-clock support for all your Vocaster One questions and concerns.

Enhanced High-Quality Sound Without the High Price

Vocaster One Bundle  

If you are starting a podcast with absolutely no equipment, you shouldn’t have to empty your wallet to achieve great sound and quality performance.

Focusrite knows this and is offering a podcasters equipment bundle so you can save money and time with your podcast setup. It makes broadcasting effortless and inexpensive, rather than dishing out upwards of $1,000 for a separate mic, headphones, audio recording software subscriptions, etc. You can receive all these things for about half the price with the Vocaster podcast bundle. Furthermore, you’ll obtain a full free subscription to the audio recording software Hindenburg Lite and other free trials.

Vocaster One Bundle includes:

  • A DM14v microphone 
  • Hp60v Headphones
  • A 3m XLR cable
  • USB A-C cable
  • Free: Hindenburg Lite (free trials: Hindenburg PRO, SquadCast, Acast, and Amplify Studio)

The DMv14 premium dynamic mic gives you crisp vocals and has a built-in windshield and shock mount to lower outside noises. The HP60v closed-back studio headphones let you hear the playback and prevent your headphones from bleeding into the mic (another common podcaster issue). All this will prevent echoes, distortion, and unwanted sounds. 

Podcasting for beginners
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Voice Enhancer Features

New podcasters often struggle with audio complications like mic distortion, loud background noises, or poor audio quality. It distracts the audience from your talking points and will turn them away from your podcast. Don’t lose the viewers you’ve worked hard to attain.

Use the built Auto Gain tool to help you adjust to the correct levels in seconds. You press the button, start talking, let the Vocaster automate your vocals, and you’re ready to go. If you want to switch your tone, there’s also a setting that easily allows you to. Pick from one of three podcasts presets:

  • Clean Voice 
  • Bright Voice 
  • Warm Voice

In addition, rapidly silence unwanted noise like sneezes or coughs while recording with the mute button.  

All-In-One: Professional Broadcast Studio 

It’s estimated that the number of people listening to podcasts will surpass 160 million next year. That’s a lot of listeners waiting to be captivated, but there are also a lot of podcasts to compete with out there. How do you separate yourself from the competition? 

A lot goes into producing well-established content; nevertheless, many successful broadcasts share these standard features:

  • Music/Sound bites – Smooth music transitions for intros/ segment changes/outros and clever soundbites.
  • Guest Interviews – Perspectives/stories from guest interviews in-person, over the phone, or on video(good quality). 
  • Well Mixed Audio– A solid control over multiple incoming audio signals (like in a broadcast studio).
  • Postproduction – Editing a broadcast to create the best possible and highest quality presentation.

The Vocaster One gives you control over all these features without the technical complexities. With these built-in properties, you get a professional broadcast experience and an advantage over the competition. 

Polished Music & Soundbites 

You can use stereo loopback to stream pre-recorded segments of your show like intro/outro music, quick sound bites, or pre-phone interviews. Furthermore, pull audio from your phone or computer/online to generate seamless transitions for each segment, creating a fluid production. 

Podcasting for beginners

Phone Interviews 

Some of the most distinguished podcasts will host guest stories, opinions, and interviews, adding a dynamic feel to the broadcast. However, your guest may not always have the availability to meet in person. Phone callers and phone interviews are a common way to solve this but at the cost of lesser and bad phone audio. The Vocaster lets you use Bluetooth or a TRRS cable to connect your phone and comfortably bring in guest callers with well-improved sound value. 

Supports Video Podcast

Not every podcast is solely auditory; video podcasts are another trendy hosting method on streaming services such as Youtube or Vimeo. The Vocaster One caters to video podcasts by allowing you to plug in a TRS cable and pair pro-studio audio with video. Not only this, but you can also use a TRS cable to connect straight to your camera.

Audio Record Software (Apps and Services) 

Focusrite understands how important it is to find the right podcast recording software. They collaborated with top podcast brands to give the broadcasters the best software audio recorder kits and tools.

The Vocaster One comes with easy-to-learn Hindenburg Lite software free for good quality production and publishing. Want to try another software? The Vocaster audio software bundle includes a three-month free trial of Squadcast Pro + Video for guests and six months of Acast Influencer audio software for publishing. Lastly, you can try six months of Hindenburg PRO for free, a more dynamic, in-depth version of Lite. 

Mixing Hub

The Vocaster mixing hub gives you specialized broadcast control and a fully immersive interface experience. You can see and set your audio levels and enhance your sound the way you like. Lastly, you can reroute audio between your phone and computer and hear your podcast audio as if you are one of your listeners with Show Mix.

Take Away

The Vocaster raises the bar while making podcasting accessible to anyone who desires to create broadcast content.  There’s never been a better time to start publishing a podcast and gaining listeners between popularity and availability; the stage is set. This product will suit beginners and new podcasters because of its easy-to-use features. Although, despite the simple features, it contains a host of capabilities to provide consistently good sound and professional grade production for veterans as well. The Vocaster One is small, light, powerful, and in this case, a no-brainer purchase, making it a top pick for your podcast setup and interface.


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