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Welcome Beginner Content Creators! If you’re here, it’s only right for us to assume that you’ve finally started your journey in sharing your work- or, you are heavily considering… and if that is the case, this is your sign from the universe to do so. Here, we’ll address some common issues creators run into and some tips/ thoughts made just for you! Let’s Focus!

Facing the facts, photography is pushing every industry forward in this current technological age. Social media reigns supreme in the most visually forward generation yet, and to capture it, you’re gonna have to point and shoot.  Beginner Content Creators, whether you double as a tattoo artist, skater, musician, or baker, we all have a bit of photographer in us, and it is my goal to help you find the best tools to assist you in your journey.

As you continue your relationship with Wavelength, we’ll discuss trends that emphasize technique, and of course, the tech agents and gear that will optimally show you how you can achieve your ideas. This post is for baby content creators in search of some motivation and direction, designed to start content creating for youtube, tiktok, or your jobs.

Just start

The most important factor is to just start and though, it is a lot easier said than done- but, it literally is just that simple. I’ve created this map to help you idealize your goal, be as detailed or vague as you like, and plan your first day to create content. Let’s get a mind map together on how you want your presence to show up on your platform. 

The good thing is, participating in current trends allows us to move business forward in ways that are unique and fun; it allows us to share our art and capture special moments that we get to experience together on a global scale- and that, is massive. Thanks to Tiktok, Twitter, and the giant that is Meta, photo and video stories are being consumed even more deeply (and quickly- I might mention) than we ever imagined. While gathering your map, look for examples of ways to bring these stories to life through different mediums, and note that, no example is too great. A great way to do this is to repurpose your content on different platforms and even regurgitate it, you don’t have to start with tons of content, just find ways to uniquely keep sharing the same story. So, what’s yours?

Repurpose your content

Personally, my interests are determined to find out how specific we can get in tailoring our photography tools when it comes to our personal crafts. I want to explore the ways we have used photography to create content, digital marketing, movies, and streams to find ways to highlight the unique pieces of media that ultimately inspire us to do what we do. Finding ways to replicate and transform a technique tell the story of how we are connected to the world around us in both the past and present. By doing so, we get to leave a lasting footprint that extends beyond the world we know and play a large role in gradually moving the world forward.

As we create, I am looking for ways for this to become a useful space for artists to thrive and learn and interact. This blog is a great example of one medium. But, as we continue to explore, let’s find ways to express these ideas, thoughts, and deals whether via TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter to repurpose to different audiences.
Capturing your work

When figuring out how to capture your process, think digitally/visually/vocally or maybe even in a new way that hasn’t yet been imagined or defined just yet. With every unique niche, there are different ways we can elevate and emphasize our art. You’re a content creator, the sky is the limit!

Start with the Basics: For our friends looking for a starter vlog kit, start with variations of a camera, mic, and tripod! Vocally, bring a synthesizer and mic into the mix! And for any digital works, look for tablets, phones, or drawing pads, that help you share your work. Podcasters and musicians, as a Focusrite user for about 4 years, I can attest it’s the people’s choice and has made life a lot simpler as someone who loves to create music in my downtime. (Exclusive: Catch 50% off Ableton Live Studio when you purchase your next Focusrite or Novation Product here.)

When it boils down to your tool breakdown, start with what you have, find out what tools you need to research, (It’s okay to ask us here!) and filter in FOCUS into your network of resources! We’re here, we create as well, and we have some useful insight. As you get started here are my “beginnerest-” of Beginner Content Creator tips across the board!


1. Work with a clean lens. You’re probably working with your camera in some form, and if it is your phone, I understand. I am always grateful for those moments when we can take time to put our phones away but, pocket lint ruining an otherwise beautiful composition helps no one. Have a lens cloth in your kit, no matter how small or tall, it always comes in handy. 

2. Take your time in editing.  As a truly transferable skill, almost every art form deserves this. I am learning as a lesson of life, ultimately, that the editing process is pretty parallel to any other form of reflection.   We should always be applying some notes and going back to the drawing board til we bring our overall vision to life. The vision is the point!  

3. Youtube is a University- Use It! Find people in your field (& other artists) and invest in the story and journey. Youtube provides us with a unique tool and means of education that allows us to share knowledge about anything. The information is out there and if it isn’t; create it, you content creator, you! 

Using FOCUS as a resource, means connecting with us on Instagram, Wavelength blog, Educational Classes and even in-store with our experts.

I encourage you to think about the ways photography moves you and your industries forward. Moreover, what innovations can you implement to really push the envelope. As a un-shameless plug, I’m almost certain we have that perfect something in our catalog here at Focus to assist you along the way. 


Whether graphically, digitally, and visually, let us help you find ways to share your art across dimensions, at any stage in your journey. Through Focus, FocusPro Audio, and Lifestyle we will be curating some unique posts intended to be helpful you navigate.

Engage with Us!

As we uncover more and focus on bigger tech, we usher in room to explore innovative accessories and solutions graduating our tools to elevate our visions. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite small tips & hacks implemented that push my projects-that- much forward each time.  

Here are some of my favorites this week: 

FOCUS FEATURED: NIKKOR Z DX- 12-28mm f3.5/5.6 (a dream lens for a content creator)

FOCUS FEATURED: Pivo Pod Active Auto Motion Sensor Tracking Smartphone Pod TRIPOD (how cool is this?!)

a cool video editing reference: pro v beginner examples 

Beginner with $100,000 FILM Gear vs PRO with $1000 Camera 

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