Fujifilm recently announced the Instax Mini LiPlay: the perfect camera for all of your summer adventures. This camera is unique for a few reasons. However, two of its most notable traits are the ability to record sound and its digital/film hybrid interface.

Features & Updates

Sound Recording

Does an instant photo really need an accompanying sound recording? No, not really. Is it an adorable, optional add-on? Yes, absolutely.

This is arguably the most unique feature of the new Instax Mini LiPlay. After you take a photo, press the dedicated microphone button on the bottom right of the device to record a few seconds of audio. When you print your image it will have a little QR code that, when scanned by your smartphone, will play the recorded sound.

Instax Filters & Frames

The Fujifilm LiPlay has 6 built-in filters and 30 photo frames (10 of which are new). If that seems a bit overwhelming, the LiPlay also comes equipped with 3 shortcut buttons for quick access to your favorite edits.

Instax Mini LiPlay

Updated App

The LiPlay app makes this instant camera easier to use and provides useful additional features. For example, the app turns the Instax Mini LiPlay into a mobile printer. Once your devices are linked, you can cordlessly print photos from your phone’s camera roll onto the LiPlay’s mini film.

Look & Feel

This camera’s layout is a definite departure from past models. However, it still has all of the reliable stand-bys we’ve grown accustomed to from hybrid Instax cameras.

In addition to the camera’s internal memory of 45 built-in photos, it also has a microSD card slot for extra storage. Plus, it prominently features a front-facing mirror for selfies on it’s elegant black, blush gold, and stone white bodies.


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