HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. An HDR image typically combines three photos of the same scene at different shutter speeds to create a bright, medium, and dark version of the photo. Then, a software process combines the three photos to enhance shadows and highlights.

Shooting HDR with the 5D Mark II

  1. Go into Menu, and select AEB.
  2. Select three exposures. For our purposes, we chose -2, 0, and 2. Hit Ok.
  3. Take a picture. The timer counts down to fire off a round of three pictures: a bright one, a dark one, and a medium one.
  4. Combine these pictures in a program like Lightroom.

Using Light Room

  1. Select all three, and then go to Photo Merge ->HDR.
  2. Light Room creates a preview of the new image. Allow it to Auto Align and Auto Tune.
  3. Look at your Deghost Amounts. In this case, the water changes from shot to shot. Go through your options to see which one you like best. We went with Low.
  4. Light Room creates your new image.
  5. Play with the Levels until you find a balance that you like.
  6. Go the Lens Correction below Levels, and chose a slight vignette.
  7. Export the image.

HDR lets you capture all the details of an image without sacrificing one element over another.


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