Taking a trip? This compact X-E series model is the ticket. The Fujifilm X-E3 Mirrorless Camera is small with a smartphone style touch screen, quick AF tracking, as well as both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

With a standard sensitivity range of 200-12,800 to an expandable 100-51,200, the X-E3 features a solidly usable ISO. It’s nothing to make you jump out of your skin, but the noise performance in low light is very agreeable. Megapixels get a nice boost too, though 24MP is fast becoming the standard for small Mirrorless cameras like this one. (The Canon M100, for example, boasts 24.2MP.)Fujifilm X-E3 Mirrorless CameraThe improved AF Tracking algorithms allow the X-E3 to track smaller, faster subjects.  While Fujifilm has been fine-tuning its algorithms since the X-Pro 2 and X-T2, the X-E3 features a new image-recognition algorithm for tracking subjects at half the size as previous models. Plus, the 91 tracking points (expandable up to 325) is a huge improvement from the 49 points of the X-E2. If you’re bouncing around the world snapping street and travel shots, quick tracking comes in extra handy.

One potential drawback is video. Although the X-E3 boots up to 4K, the recording limit is only 10 minutes or so with frame rates from 23.98p up to 29.97p at 100Mbps. Meanwhile, recording at 1080p lands you around 15 minutes. You can downgrade to 720p for 30 minutes, but for most videographers or video enthusiasts, this won’t come as an appealing alternative. However, there is a microphone input jack for better audio. For a travel camera, that might be enough of a compromise.

The touch screen, too, is a huge boon. It operates very similarly to a smartphone touch screen, letting you scroll through shots and magnify images easily. It doesn’t tilt, though – so no easy selfies. If you can stomach asking another rogue backpacker to take your picture for you, the X-E3 is a useful travel companion.


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