Great for travel and drone photographers, the LaCie DJI Copilot offers a practical solution to combat the difficulties of storage space and charging. It’s a small, lightweight external hard drive with built-in battery and LED display that connects to the LaCie DJI Copilot smartphone BOSS app. Unlike other LaCie storage devices like Rugged and Porsche, the DJI Copilot lets you copy media cards and device data without a laptop.

With a sturdy silicon rubber case, the DJI Copilot mimics the Rugged and protects your data from wear and tear. It’s splash, dust, and drop resistant. The case also surrounds a two-inch LCD screen that offers prompts and information. It comes with 5 ports and buttons: one for charger, USB, laptop, SD card, and smart device, along with an action button. There are cables for USB-C, Micro-USB, and Lightning to choose from to connect your smart device. (Then, just push the action button to detect it.) There’s even a special groove around the DJI Copilot to tuck the cord away during disuse. You can also transfer from one external hard drive to the DJI Copilot via the USB.lacie DJI CopilotAs for the BOSS app, it allows users to view files stored on the DJI Copilot. You can also organize them – put them into folders, move them around, etc. You can transfer images to your phone from an SD card via the DJI Copilot USB adapter.  This is particularly useful if your camera doesn’t have built-in WiFi.

We recommend the DJI Copilot especially for people who develop a lot of content, like videographers whose memory cards fill up fast – but not just DJI users either. You can charge not just your phone, but your camera, so it works as a double backup in a pinch. Plus, its small size makes the DJI Copilot ultra-portable for those who can’t afford to carry a lot of weight or take up too much space.


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